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Welcome to  PRC Associates Europe Limited

A PRIVATE GLOBAL RISK MANAGEMENT COMPANY PRCA has been in business since 2010.
Its staff is represented by seasoned professionals, drawn from Special Forces, Intelligence and Government Security Fields, each with their own unique expertise at the highest security levels around the world.
Our sole purpose is to help our clients to achieve their aims and objectives in a safe, highly secure realm.
Our company’s independence assures that we keep our client’s business interests paramount.As a result, our clients receive unsurpassed confidentiality, trust and loyalty.
Our company’s technical, operational and procurement capabilities are based on real-life experience, tried and tested over time, in various challenging & hostile environments.
We are firmly committed to assisting Governments and Corporate Clients in all aspects of intelligence, security training and procurement by offering Bespoke Security Services that exceed existing standards.
We also provide task specific Bespoke Procurement Services to Governments, Military & Law Enforcement community. Our knowledge is based on many years of operational expertise worldwide.



Aimed at enhancing Government, Military or Law Enforcement, this is a Bespoke Service for select international clientele with the purpose of improving existing operational security standards.
Client liaison plays a very important factor to determine the exact aims & objectives. PRCA appreciates the needs for flexibility & adaptability in dealing with sensitive areas of business or VIP personal protection in particular.
All our training programs can be carefully tailored according to client’s specific needs after the initial consultation, while as always sea, air & land considerations apply.
PRCA is a one stop unique security training solution for many.

Why We Are Different

The most important part of our business profile is as follows.
There is a tendency for other companies in our profession to disrespect the rights of others, or exaggerate their own importance & expertise at the expense of others, and to give bad or poor examples of behavior in their professional conduct by the exploitation of others.
We stand firm away from such practice.

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